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Words of Spiritual Encouragement
Bible Lessons 

Who needs Words of Spiritual Encouragement? Everyone does. Just to know that someone understands and to know that God is still 'rooting for us' can be just enough to get us through the day.

Life has a way of handing us a lemon at times; sometimes a whole truck load of lemons all at once.

Some of us may use the term 'lemons', others hindrances, stumbling blocks or even mountains but we can also call them trials and tests.

During these moments, it can be difficult to hold your head up high, and even harder to smile, so these Words of Spiritual Encouragement Bible Study Lessons were created just for this period. Your very own, personal, little 'pick me up' geared to help us regain our focus and put a smile on our faces and even a song in our hearts. 

Why Words of Spiritual Encouragement?

Because Words are Powerful!

Proverbs 25: 11 shows us the awesome power of words: 

"A Word fitly spoken

 is like apples of gold in pictures of silver"

What does this mean? 

You can find the complete Bible Study on this scripture right here, but there two important thoughts that I feel compelled to share with you today:

  1. A word spoken in due season is very precious, very rare, very valuable, and does not perish from the thoughts of others. It stands out and is permanently fixed in the Mind of the individual.
  2. When something 'fits' ( fitly) it allows an object to function correctly. Example 'The stick of a broom that fits allows the broom to sweep properly' or ' a key in a door knob allows the door to be unlocked and opened' This therefore means that the word spoken makes a difference. It causes a change. Makes things turn around . Makes things function as it should. The change is so apparent that it is clearly seen by others ( 'gold in pictures of silver' )

Words Travel A Long Way ...

They travel farer distances than money ever can. Words can impact a life for the better or for the worst. One word can be the turning point of a family member, the saving grace of a sinner, or the destruction of a friend.

It is easy to say that things will get better, when friends and family are going through difficulties, and things often does get better, but sometimes sooner, than in other times. This is where a words of spiritual encouragement comes in.

Everyone needs a little motivation at times. Just to know that someone understands and to know that God is still 'rooting for us' can be just enough to get us through the day.

This area was created for our Motivation.

Where ever we may be in life, whatever dreams and desires we may have, the weaknesses that seems difficult to overcome I say to you ...

Do not give up hope .... the help of our loving God is on the way.

Your are welcomed to camp here for as long as your soul desires. We are happy to have you.

Remember, Jesus loves you with an everlasting love and we absolutely do too!

Now Let's Go to Get Our Motivation Back ...

Choose from among any of these Words of Spiritual Encouragement Lessons and get yourself spiritually recharged !

More Topical Bible Study Lessons are here for you to Choose From!

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