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In depth Bible Study Lessons
On Spirituality, Health, and Prosperity


So, how was your latest Bible Study Experience?

Are you satisfied with your spiritual life, your health and prosperity?

Are you yearning for a complete life where you are spiritually happy, physically healthy and prosperous?

Well, the search is over. God has guided you to the right place for the right time., your home away from home.

christian bible study

Caters to all Your Christian Needs. Both Body & Soul


I am sooo excited to have you here. (As you can tell from my smile). I am your sister in Christ, Joan Maynard, but everyone calls me 'Free'.

A few years back I went searching for a place -' to lay my head '- that catered to my needs both body and soul. Why just my spiritual man? What about my health and my wealth?

Unfortunately I did not find it.

So I set out to create that place; packed with a gold mine of information, where my brothers and sisters can have it all: Spiritual Food, a Healthy and Fulfilled life and a path that leads to God's unlimited prosperity. A complete package for the whole man.

So Welcome Home!                                                     Help Me Serve You Better!

The Journey to A Better You ...

 What to Expect from this site?

Soul Food 

  • Learn more about the bible and receive a step by step guide that will turn your own personal Bible Study Sessions from frustrating to amazing.
  • Enhance your Spiritual Walk through these Free Bible Study Lessons that helps you achieve that intimacy, with God, that you have been yearning for. 
  •  Grow stronger in your prayer talk and prayer walk with God. Feel refreshed, restored and renewed.
  • Not forgetting your daily Bible Reading Plan and Bible Quotes.

Divine Health

  • Is God interested in your health? Of course he is.
  • Be Healed: From Bible lessons on our healing ...
  • Stay Healed: To keeping healthy & dieting. These Bible Study Lessons opens the word of God to you in a new way.

Abundant Living 

  • Make what the bible says concerning money and wealth work on your behalf!
  • Learn Useful Money Solutions that will help you on your way to financial Freedom.
  • Order your steps in the word of God, through these free study sessions on day to day Christian Life. Plus much more...

“I wish above all that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers,”

That's God's words to his children. But He did not just say it, He showed us how.

I believe that we can have it all, Spiritual Growth, Divine Health and an Abundant Life and being on this site is an indication that you believe so too.

So let's 'break bread' and see what God said. Follow me...

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Table of Content

Site Map
Site map for Complete Christian Living Bible Study. The place where site navigation is made much easier.
Christian God Encounter : Personal Bible Study Lessons
I'm a Christian and loving it! Have your own God Encounter today with these Bible Study Lessons
Free Bible Study Guide
Your Bible Study Guide for turning your sessions from totally Frustrating to absolutely Enjoyable.
Free Bible Study Lessons
Free bible study lessons online, for your spiritual growth; that assists you in taking your spiritual walk to the next level
Baptism Bible Study Lessons
Free Baptism Bible Study Lessons.Find answers to all your Questions
Holy Spirit Bible Study Lessons
Experience the fullness of God in these Holy Spirit Bible Study lessons as we journey into the presence of God
True Christian Worship: A Walk to Remember!
True Christian Worship is exhibited in our lifestyle, not jsut our praises.
Abundance and Prosperity Bible Study Series
Your Abundance and Prosperity Bible Study series is here! Revealing through the Word of Truth that Christian prosperity is attainable
Words of Spiritual Encouragement
Everyone needs a little motivation at times. Words of Spiritual Encouragement does just the trick. . Just to know that God is still 'rooting for us' can be just enough to get us through the day.
Faith Healing: Be Healed By Your Faith
Faith Healing Bible Study Lessons
Natural Health and Wellness
The area where natural health and wellness is #1 priority. Packed with bible lessons and guidance to complete christian healing.
Free Printable Bible Study Lessons
Your Go-to-Page for free printable bible study lessons for your spiritual health and prosperity
Christian Websites Interviews
Christian Websites for your Spiritual Nourishment, Abundant Living and Divine Health
Comment Page
Comment Page: the place to leave your comments, and share your feelings with the author.
Free Online Bible Study: God's Perfect Plan Of Salvation
This free online bible lesson will unravel the truth about the salvation of our Spirit. What was the before and after events? How and when did this salvation take place?
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Keeping grounded, healthy and fulfilled in Christ!

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